Chewing like a good ‘un

Can you imagine not being able to eat what you like and having to survive on soft food? Think of all the nutritious stuff you’d miss out on? Salads, nuts, crunchy fruits, fibrous vegetables, chewy meats. The only way you could eat all the great foods we so need to stay healthy would be to live on smoothies. And while smoothies are great, they could get awfully dull.

A limited diet is the reality for many people who have lost so many teeth that they can no longer chew or bite like they used to. This may be the case even if they have dentures or a bridge. Neither has the chewing force that real teeth have, because real teeth are anchored into the jawbone. You could even argue that lost teeth can build up into a disability. That can all change now though, thankfully, with the insertion of dental implants in Oxfordshire.

Dental Implants in OxfordshireA bit of background

In Oxfordshire, dental implants have been becoming increasingly popular for replacing teeth since they first came into popular use in the 1980s. Rapid advances in implant design and placement techniques have made them available to more people, including those whose bone tissue would have been previously rejected as no longer dense enough to support the implants.

At Chipping Norton Dental Implant Centre, we have placed implants into the jaws of over 1,000 patients. Will you be one of our next customers? We do hope so. We’ve seen how having implants can radically improve the lives of our patients. Not only do they give people back their favourite foods, they give them back their confidence. This can get terribly eroded if you have dentures that don’t fit properly and move around in the mouth just when you really need them to stay in place. Teeth shouldn’t do this. Implants stop the unpredictable wobbles, clicks and whistles that can come from wearing ill-fitting dentures. They also preserve healthy teeth, which can become unstable and even fall out if they are next to a gap.

There are so many benefits to dental implants in Oxfordshire, and we’d love to tell you about them if you want to book in for a consultation.