Choose life. Choose dental implants – enjoying the benefits of a second chance at a healthy mouth

Dental implants are changing the lives of denture wearers for the better. At Chipping Norton Dental Implant Centre in Oxfordshire we can use implants to stabilise your dentures, as well as to replace several teeth or even one single tooth with new teeth that are realistic in terms of both action and appearance.

dental-implants-OxfordshireHow dental implants stop denture problems

If you currently wear traditional dentures or know someone who does, you may already be well aware of the problems many people can experience with them as time passes. These issues are caused by the jaw bone shrinking back in the absence of tooth roots, and can include:

  • A severely restricted diet that is limited to soft foods, even liquids in some cases. This can make it very hard to obtain adequate nutrition, and can have potentially serious impacts for your general health and wellbeing.
  • Changes to speech, or difficulty speaking with clarity. Our teeth help us to form words and when they are loose this becomes trickier.
  • Denture sore mouth, which is caused by loose dentures continuously rubbing on your gums, making them irritated and even painful.
  • Negative effects on your body confidence and on your social life. If your teeth make it difficult to enjoy a meal with family and friends, or if you fear they may fall out of your mouth in public, your social life can be severely curtailed. This can lead to loneliness and isolation.

By choosing to have dental implants fitted at our Oxfordshire dental practice, you can alleviate these problems, and even prevent them happening in the first place.

Denture stabilisation is a popular choice at our Oxfordshire clinic. It involves the placement of two to four dental implants per jaw, with a 12-14 tooth overdenture attached on top.

Our Oxfordshire dental practice also offers the option of having a 12-14 tooth fixed bridge attached to your dental implants, giving the greatest degree of natural action.

Whichever option you choose, by coming for a dental implants consultation at our Oxfordshire dental clinic, you can soon regain control of your teeth – and your life.