Dental implants for everyone

At Chipping Norton Dental Implant Centre, we want everyone to have the opportunity to have the dental treatments that they want. We are committed to exploring all options with you to either meet your expectations or offer you suitable alternatives.

dental-implants-in-oxfordshireWhen you are considering dental implants in Oxfordshire with us, there are a number of factors that can affect the course of treatment. We do our best to discover these as early as possible so that you can benefit from any solutions that are available.

Assessing suitability

When you have your first consultation for dental implants in Oxfordshire, your dentist makes a suitability assessment. They check your mouth to see what you need and whether this can be achieved under the current conditions.

One criteria they check is the composition of your jawbone. A healthy, complete jawbone is built to withstand the pressures that we put on our teeth on a day to day basis. If yours has deteriorated for any reason, then it may not have the necessary strength to support your new teeth in the course of their normal functions.

Your dentist will ask you about your health and lifestyle. It is important that you respond accurately. Some medical conditions can prohibit the success of dental implants. There may be some potential, alternative solutions available, but your dentist needs to know if you might need these.

Certain lifestyle factors may also affect treatment. Smoking, for example, can hinder the healing abilities of the body and lead to an imperfect or longer healing process. This can, ultimately, jeopardise the chances of having successful dental implants.

What can be done to help

The density or height of your jawbone may be able to be improved via a procedure known as a bone graft of sinus lift. This is where bone from somewhere else in your body, or an external source, is attached to the site where you need the extra material.

Your dentist may ask you to amend any habits that will affect your procedure at least for the duration. They can offer you help and guidance on this or signpost you to someone who can help.

Whatever the obstacle, we look forward to working through potential solutions with you when you get dental implants in Oxfordshire with Chipping Norton Dental Implant Centre.