How dental implants in Oxfordshire can end your denture worries

Dental implants in Oxfordshire are a modern and effective way of replacing natural teeth that have been lost through infection, decay, or injury. At our Chipping Norton clinic in Oxfordshire, Dental Implants offers a wide range of dental implant treatments, including options for patients with low bone density.

dental-implants-in-OxfordshireWhat happens when you lose teeth?

If you lose a single tooth, you may not think it is something to be excessively worried about – particularly if that tooth is lost from near the back of the mouth, away from the smile line. However, at our Oxfordshire dental clinic we urge you to think again: even one lost tooth should be replaced, no matter where within your mouth the gap is located.

In most cases, dental implants are the best long-term solution, and although they may initially seem more expensive than traditional dentures, when you factor in such things as the need for dentures to be adjusted and all the denture cement or paste you’ll buy over your lifetime, dental implants begin to look like more of an investment.

When even one tooth is missing, the alignment of your other teeth, and even in some cases your bite (how your jaws meet), is likely to change. This makes your teeth harder to keep clean, can affect your confidence in your smile, and ultimately raises the likelihood of further tooth loss.

Once several teeth are lost, diet and speech will be affected. Fortunately, the dental implants treatments offered by our Oxfordshire implant dentists can stop these problems before they start, or help to put them right if they have already begun.

How dental implants help

Dental implants are bionic tooth roots, which are placed in contact with your jaw bone during minor oral surgery. At our Oxfordshire dental clinic we offer treatment under local anaesthetic or conscious sedation.

When the implants are in place, they begin to form a bond with the bone that will, over a period of months, become as strong as that of a natural tooth root. Once healing is complete, you will be called back to our Oxfordshire dental clinic to have your new teeth securely attached.