Looking at dental implants in detail

For some patients, the more they know about their dental treatment, the better. They want to look at the equipment, see photos of past patients and of the procedure and generally gather every detail. If this makes you feel more comfortable, we are happy to oblige at Chipping Norton Dental Implant Centre, Oxfordshire. Dental implants are used to replace your missing teeth and there are plenty of details that we can give you about them.

If you prefer not to know then tell and we’ll stick to you what you need to know in order to have a successful and comfortable treatment. Otherwise, read on for some of the details of dental implants in Oxfordshire with Chipping Norton Dental Implant Centre.

dental-implants-OxfordshireShape and material

Dental implants are usually shaped like small screws. Not only does this give them a firm placement in the jawbone, but it also helps them to make good contact with the surrounding bone. They are commonly made of titanium, which is a bio-friendly material often used to mend broken bones because it does not cause adverse reactions in the body.

Both of these qualities help to stimulate a process called osseointegration where bone knits around your dental implants. This is similar to the healing process that occurs when you have a fracture. It helps to make sure your new teeth are capable of withstanding the forces when you bite and chew.


When you have dental implants in Oxfordshire, your dentist will make a detailed plan for their placement. Position and angle have an effect on the load distribution on your dental implants. The better they are positioned, the less likely they are to be damaged when they are used. Dental implants can stand up to 200lbs or 90.7kgs of force which is more than is required by an adult male for chewing.


Drilling is an important part of the whole procedure when you get dental implants in Oxfordshire. Your dentist will employ particular techniques to create holes for your implants. For example, they may use progressively bigger drill bits to gradually increase the diameter. They will also constantly cool the area down with water to prevent cell damage due to the heat of the drill.