The problem

You have a missing tooth or teeth. You may have trouble speaking clearly, perhaps pronouncing words with a lisp or click due to the gap. You may not be able to eat your favourite foods – chewing that steak, taking a bite of that apple. Perhaps you have avoided these foods for years because of your missing teeth. You may be noticing a sunken look to your face, due to the bone tissue minimising.

dental-implants-OxfordshireThe solution

There is a way to solve the problem in Oxfordshire. Dental implants provide strong and sturdy roots to attach replacement teeth to, meaning that all of the problems of the past are gone. Biting and chewing will be no problem, bone tissue is stimulated to regrow and prevent the sunken face look, and you’ll be able to speak as clearly as before you lost your teeth. Here at Chipping Norton Dental Implant Centre in Oxfordshire, dental implants are a procedure we are very experienced in and knowledgeable about.

The history

The usage of dental implants actually dates back to around 600AD, when the Myans used to hammer tooth-like pieces of shell into the jawbones of women. Ouch. Thankfully, dental technology is rather different to that now and has evolved since the 1950s to be a clever procedure, utilising state of the art dental equipment and extensive scientific research.

The procedure

The treatment involves our highly trained dental professionals implanting tiny titanium screws into your jaw bone. The placement for these screws is carefully calculated via digital imaging beforehand, meaning we will know exactly where the best place for the implants is. The new implants then need to heal – a process which takes a different period of time depending on the individual. When the healing process is complete, we can then attach replacement teeth or bridges, forming a bond so strong you will forget that these are not your natural teeth.

The place to go

If you are interested in more information on dental implants in Oxfordshire, please contact us today and our friendly staff will be happy to go through it with you or book you in for an assessment to see if you are eligible.