What do you know about the dental implant journey?

Anyone considering the prospect of dental implants in Oxfordshire may be feeling anxious about what might be involved. At Chipping Norton Dental Implant Centre we make the dental implant journey clear, simple and successful.

The first stage is a 40-minute appointment at the clinic with one of our dentists.Patient comfort is a high priority from the outset. This consultation is where the patient has the opportunity to share their situation and also their any worries they may have about the treatment. The dentist will note everything in detail before performing an extensive examination. Some patients will have radio graphs taken. At the end of the consultation the dentist will provide details of the different treatments and the associated costs.

dental-implant-journeyPreparation of the implants is done with the assistance of a CBCT scan. This is a cone beam CT scan. It offers high resolution, accurate scans with a lower radiation and quicker scan time than tradition CT scanning. Patients can be scanned in the dentist chair, avoiding the claustrophobic experience of the CT scan tunnel. The CBCT scan gives a three-dimensional image of the key anatomy, bone structure and tooth position and enables measurement of exact dimensions for accurate positioning of implants. This is particularly critical in complex cases.

The design and outcome of dental implants in Oxfordshire is not left to chance at the Chipping Norton Dental Implant Centre. The dentists have software that enables them to place the implants onto the scan image to check the precise positioning and avoid mistakes or surprises when the surgery is taking place.

The next stage is the implant surgery. Once completed it is unusual for patients to experience anything more than a little discomfort even when the aesthetic wears off. There may be some initial swelling or bruising so all patients are advised to take anti-inflammatory pain relief and use ice packs on the cheek to reduce this. Patients should avoid smoking and alcohol for at least two weeks to ensure a trouble-free healing process. They must also stick to cold drinks and food as heat can encourage bleeding.

The journey for patients of dental implants in Oxfordshire is as smooth as possible by maintaining high standards in patient and clinical care before, during and after the treatment.