• Over 3500 dental implants placed
  • 98.1% overall success rate
  • Gold standard implant qualification - with the Royal College of Surgeons
  • 15 years experience in implant dentistry
  • Qualified in all types of bone grafting, CBCT guided surgery and teeth in a day
  • Modern technology including CBCT scans to plan treatment

Fees correct as of July 2016.

Treatment Fees
Initial Consultation £110.00 (refundable at completion of treatment)
Single extraction £70.00
Single Implant + Crown £1,840.00
Cad cam milled abutment £200.00
Sinus grafting £1,500.00
Block Bone Grafts £1,500.00
Guided Bone Graft From £495.00
Three tooth bridge with two implants £4,850.00
Lower over-denture on two implants £4,400.00
Full arch, 12 to 14 teeth, implant bridge £16,000.00
Full upper and lower arches, implant bridges £31,000.00
Full arch teeth in a day From £16,500.00
Temporary prosthesis From £400

Prices are approximate and may alter from case to case depending on complexity. Additional procedures will be charged if cases are complicated or require additional procedures such as ridge splitting, ridge expansion, block grafting, sinus lifting, sinus grafting or use of highly aesthetic prosthesis.

We accept cash, all major debit and credit cards and are able to take payments over the telephone.